Boutique Airbrush Spray Tan

New Turbo Airbrush Tanning – Applies in only 5 Minutes!

Airbrush Spray Tan Gurnee IL Airbrush Spray Tanning will create a Beautiful, Golden Brown Tan. No orange dis-coloration, no streaking. Your airbrush tan will fade slowly & evenly like a real suntan. Tan extenders are available to make your tan last as long as possible.

Your tan will not rub off on your clothing or bedding after the tan is set. Many report no staining or discoloration to garments worn during the service, however we do recommend wearing darker attire to be safe.

You may wear whatever you feel comfortable with. For women this is typically a bikini, with or without top, or nude, again depending upon your comfort level. Men will typically wear boxers, briefs, swim trunks or shorts. Again depending upon their comfort level. We use the utmost discretion with our services and all tans are done in our private Airbrush Studio.

Preparing for Service

You must shower and exfoliate your entire body prior to your tanning session. Baking soda on a wet wash cloth works great.

DO NOT apply any moisturizer, make up or deodorants prior to your service. You MUST HAVE clean skin.

Bring or wear dark loose fitting (non-strappy) attire.


After receiving your airbrush spray tan, wear dark loose fitting (non-strappy) attire. Avoid silk, wool and light nylon fabrics as these have been known to grab color.

Your first shower after your air brush tan will take place 6-8 hours later. If using the rapid developing solution, that can be reduced to 3 hours. First shower is a warm water rinse (no scrubbing or soap) this gives the solution adequate time to react with your skin. We now offer “One Hour” (New ONE HOUR rinses off in just ONE HOUR!!!) & Competition “Black Out” Sunless Spray.

MOISTURIZE morning and evening following your session. Avoid all Dove, Aveeno, Oil of Olay and Bath & Bodyworks products both before and after the spray. To extend the length of your tan we recommend our Norvell extender that contains a small % of DHA solution. DO NOT USE TINTED MOISTURIZERS!